About Us

GIF is determined to advance the science, technology and forestry practices. The Institute is aimed at enhancing the competency of members and to establish professional excellence.


Principal Ethics

On joining the Ghana Institute of Foresters, members assume a special responsibility to the profession and to society by promising to uphold and abide by all principles and pledges of the Institute. Some of the principles and pledges are:

  • Foresters have a responsibility to manage land for both current and future generations.
  • Society must respect forest landowners’ rights and correspondingly, landowners have a land stewardship responsibility to society.
  • Sound science is the foundation of the forestry profession.
  • Public policy related to forests must be based on both scientific principles and societal values.
  • Honest and open communication, coupled with respect for information given in confidence, is essential to good service.
  • Professional and civic behaviour must be based on honesty, fairness, goodwill, and respect for the law.

In line with the general principles and ethics, members are obliged to adhere to the following as duties to the Institute.

  • Not use without the consent of the prescribed authority, any property or facilities provided for the purposes not connected with his/her official duties.
  • Not engage in any activity outside his/her official duties that is likely to involve him/her in political controversy or to lead to his/her taking improper advantage of his/her position in the Institute.